Height of Minar e Pakistan

If you want to find the Height of Minar e Pakistan. Then you are at right place. Here we will give you all the information Minar height. This place is the identity of Pakistan. If you have no knowledge about this place. Then you have to read this article full of complete concentration. This place have great old memories of our great leaders.This place have also a grass ground which Give peace to your mind. minar e pakistan ki height.

Both of these details are collected by a registered company of land measurements which works in Pakistan. The relevance of height is taken from the Ground to top.

Height of Minar e Pakistan

Height of Minar e Pakistan  in Feet

229.6588 Feets.

In feets, this is the total height of minar e pakistan. This is true and completely correct height in feet. Save from errors.

Height of Minar e Pakistan in Meter

75 Meter.

In Meters this is the Full height of minar e pakistan. This is a true information about the height of minar e Pakistan in meter.

This thing has great importance for the Pakistani Peoples. Every citizen of Pakistan loves this from the core of heart. Because minar e pakistan is a place from which our leaders take an Idea of freedom. And this will completely  successful on 14 August 1947. Every year the citizen of Pakistan on the day of independence. They visit this place and fresh their old memories. This thing gives them the courage of will. It also gives hope of doing. And the peoples go back with the fresh and deep thinking. All the year they do not forget this experience. This makes them a true patriot of Pakistan. A true patriot always loves their land and their historical places. Now you have the total height of minar e pakistan information.

I hope now you have all the information. Which I write in this article. If you want to more information then you should check this Article which completely. All the things and give you all the correct statements about it

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