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My Hobby Essay. There is no compilation about a hobby. A hobby is a work which is done in spare time. It arises purely from personal taste. Here we provide you a best my hobby essay and also are short and long my hobby paragraph. Reading Hobby is the best hobby. So let’s start without wasting your time our topic is My Hobby.

My Hobby Essay – My Hobby Paragraph

Every boy or girl should have a specific hobby. As it arises from personal taste, so there are different hobbies. Some find pleasure in stamp collecting while the other likes gardening. I also have a hobby. Reading is my hobby. I read different books to get knowledge books are a great source of knowledge and pleasure.

Reading Hobby

I like reading poetry and history. I also read different types novels and play. It helped me in the elaboration and description of words and sentences. It also improves my writing style. I read history to get knowledge about The Emperor’s of the world and our ancestors. I read these books in my spare time after my work. It also helped me in a preparation of my life solutions.

I also read the newspaper. Reading newspaper is also my hobby. Newspaper help me to get awareness about current affairs and hot issues.I also read columns written by various writers given in the newspaper.It helps me to get knowledge about the modern writing style.

I also like to read the Holy Books. Reading Holy books is also my hobby It is a great moment and miracle of eloquence and guidance. It is written in Arabic but I also read it Urdu translation. It helps me to improve my lifestyle in a better way and according to the teaching of Islam.

A hobby helps a person in his character building. A person is identified most by his character. So, books are a great source of character building. I spent my time in reading. So, I  save myself from various bad activities books are a source of Recreation. Books take a person to present past and future. Books are of two types Good books and Bad books. Some books are more poisonous than the sting of a Scorpion. While some books or more dangerous than a snake bite. A person should be very careful in the selection of books. As some poets said that reading is the best policy to write goods. So, reading the help in increase of knowledge.

Knowledge are in two form one is solid and other is soft. soft is digital. Solid knowledge is only on paper of books. Books have very old knowledge of our big writers. They write and unlock every pinpoint in his books. So it is our responsibility to read’s these books. reading book is our best hobby.

My Hobby

In short, hobbies are the good thing to do. Every person must have a hobby. So, he can avert many problems and make himself great. Every person has his own test and choice. Choices define who we are so, a person must adopt a specific hobby According to his taste.
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