23 March 1940 Resolution of Pakistan or Lahore

Pakistan National Day “23 March 1940”

The annual meeting of the All Indian Muslim League was held on 23 March 1940, in the historical park “Iqbal Park” in Lahore. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah presided over this meeting.A large number of Muslim people attended the meeting from the whole subcontinent (barre sagheer). In the meeting resolution (resolution Lahore) presented by Maulvi Fazalul Haq, the leader of the province, province of Bengal. The attendants accepted the contract with great slogans. Muslims of subcontinent set their destination. March 23, 1940, was a great historical day. To keep the day remembered, Minar e Pakistan was made in Iqbal Park. 23 march Pakistan is the event in history.

The 23 March 1940 Lahore Resolution Background

The demand of Pakistan was done by the whole nation of Muslim’s after consideration. It was not that demand time has been made in anger or spirit. Muslim leaders were constantly worried after the failure of independence for the last 150 years. That How to make the Muslims a safe and secure environment. Muslims were a separate nation, It was a matter of giving these reservations. But they were not satisfied with their future. Muslim personalities point out in their presents and writings to form a separate Muslim state. The Syed Jamaluddin Afghani, Abdul Halim Sharar, Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar, Khayre brother Name features are notable.

The resolution was to be approved that the leaders of Hindus started offering feedback. The resolution joked. Gandhi and Hindus rejected it, especially opposing the resolution. The Muslim League was calling it the resolution of Lahore But The Hindu press opposed it to write a resolution of Pakistan. Muslim leaders adopted the new term and today itself it is called same resolution of Pakistan. This is information about 23 March Pakistan.

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