Corruption in Pakistan Essay on Corruption

Corruption in Pakistan is a serious issue of our country. It is an illegal and immoral method to increase the wealth. It is also considered a crime. It is almost found in every department of the country. It is also considered a serious issue over the world. Corruption rate is increasing badly in our country.

It is very famous motto and Quote now-a-days. say no to corruption

Corruption is spreading like fire in woods. All the nation of the world are trying to control and uproot this disease but they are unable to do so. Corruption depends upon the personal views of an individual. As individuals make Nations. So we can uproot corruption individually. A department is not corrupt. The people working in it are corrupt. Corruption born the day. When greed was born. greed insist a man to take bribe. Greed is a curse and disease. It destroy a man morally. Corruption is also a sin. We also learn corruption in Pakistan essay css forum. Corruption has made men hollow. The attack of greed leads them to corruption and corruption leads them to destruction.

As a scholar said Corruption is Destruction

Corruption is also victimized our leaders. leaders and officers also fall pray to greed and corruption. The people of almost every department are consider corrupt. There are various example in history. Taking bribe is not option only. Misuse of power is also corruption. Cheat in work is also corruption. We can uproot corruption by working honestly. We can eradicate corruption by following the honesty. we can also eradicate it by elimination greed. We have to control and eliminate this disease by medicine of honesty. It only depends upon individuals thoughts and concepts. It is now up-to us, whether we increase it or decrease it.

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